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Jamieson Vitamin D is derived from the world’s finest lanolin, an abundant, rich and renewable source of Vitamin D. The lanolin is extracted from the sun-drenched wool of sheep living in the high country of Australia and New Zealand and then shipped to France, where it undergoes sophisticated, state-of-the-art processing to yield an exceptionally pure, crystalline form of pre-Vitamin D3. Exposure to ultraviolet light — the same mechanism that allows the body to naturally synthesize Vitamin D — activates the pre-Vitamin D and converts it to a pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin D3.


Whenever possible, we have made the switch to the most natural available (with the ability to be formulated) types of sweeteners to ensure that our flavoured products are delicious. For example, fourteen of our formulas are now sweetened with stevia. To find out if a product is sweetened, or with what sweetener, you can search for the individual product of interest, and then click “Ingredient Information”.


Jamieson ensures natural sourced raw materials are utilized where ever possible. This means that in order to produce a safe and effective product, there are many factors that are taken into consideration to developing a product. Sometimes natural ingredients are not stable or able to extract sufficient levels of active ingredients to deliver an efficacious raw material. This is when Jamieson utilizes synthetic items to ensure that we are delivering effective products to Canadians. Please be assured that all ingredients used in Jamieson products have been reviewed and approved by Health Canada to ensure their safety and efficacy.


Jamieson NEVER TESTS on animals or uses third-party manufacturers that do. We are dedicated to the health and wellness of people and the planet, and animals are an important part of that commitment.

TRU-ID is a Canadian, independent DNA certification program. It utilizes the latest in DNA technology to trace the active ingredients in herbal supplements right back to their specific botanical origins, thus certifying their authenticity. As an early adopter of this cutting-edge certification program, Jamieson is helping lead the way to better industry standards and reinforcing trust in the Jamieson brand. For more information about TRU-ID Certification please visit their website.

Jamieson is committed to improving the world’s health and wellness without compromising the health of our planet and its oceans. By sustainably sourcing the fish oils used in all our Jamieson Omega products, we are helping to protect and preserve our environment for future generations that will rely on our waters being healthy and fully of life. Our Sustainably Sourced™ logo guarantees that you’ve chosen an Omega product that only contains fish oils that have been sustainably sourced.

Jamieson guarantees the purity, potency and safety of each product until the expiry date listed on the label. Our Quality Assurance Program, 360 Pure, represents our commitment to a full-circle process that ensures our natural-health supplements are the safest, purest and most effective on the market. 360 Pure begins with our comprehensive raw material selection process ensuring that only the purest ingredients from the world’s finest resources are used in each formulation. It carries through to our meticulously controlled production environments, extensive clinical testing, and a minimum of 360 quality control steps along the way to ensure absolute integrity and reliability. In an age when nutritionally enhanced products of questionable provenance crowd the marketplace, 360 Pure distinguishes Jamieson from other manufacturers — and is a symbol of safe, clinically pure and potent formulations that you can trust. For more information on our 360 Pure Protocol please visit our website

In general, the best time to take your vitamins is whenever it is most convenient for you and when you are most likely to be consistent with the routine. However, it is important that you read and follow the label for directions of use, as some products are specifically meant to have an effect at a certain time of day (e.g. melatonin should be taken at bedtime to improve sleep).


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