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Jamieson has consistently been voted Canada’s most trusted brand of vitamins, and for good reason: in a rapidly growing marketplace, we set ourselves apart with our industry-leading commitment to providing consumers with the purest, safest and most effective natural health solutions available.

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Jamieson is proud to offer Canadians a variety of natural health products for the entire family, including vitamins and minerals for:

Women’s Health

Immune Health

Heart Health

General Health

Natural Sleep Aids

Our products have a worldwide reputation for purity and potency. Our 360 Quality Promise is our industry-leading commitment to quality.


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  • Pure and authentic ingredients, ethically sourced
  • Reliable and active formula potency
  • Product safety and purity
  • Effective products you can TRUST

This seal symbolizes our never-ending commitment to viewing quality from all angles, going full circle from formulation to shelf. In fact, it’s this commitment that has made us Canada’s most trusted health and wellness brand, and every member of our team is focused on maintaining your trust. As we continue to grow, innovate and evolve to better serve our customers, both in Canada and around the world, rest assured that our commitment to quality will never waver.

Our comprehensive, multi-faceted testing process is carried out on every lot at every stage of production, from raw materials through to finished packaged goods. Our exacting specifications are above and beyond those mandated by regulations. We’re proud to be industry leaders in setting standards and implementing new testing methods. Our team of quality assurance specialists utilizes laboratory testing and ongoing verification to guarantee absolute potency, purity and safety. Our process includes the conducting, completing and documenting of over 500,000 tests annually.

At the heart of everything we do is you, our consumer; you’ve always been our focus and inspiration. We know that you want to take good care of your family, just as we do of ours. So safety is paramount.

Purity sustainability and traceability are non-negotiables.

Our process is thorough. We start by securing raw materials from some of the highest quality vendors around the world.

The ingredients we source from our trusted partners are chosen as much for what they contain as for what they don’t, so adulteration, pesticides and contaminants are never tolerated. We monitor where materials are grown, harvested and processed, as well as how they are stored and transported. And we don’t include any unnecessary ingredients, such as fillers, artificial flavours or colours.

We set ourselves to a higher safety standard, above and beyond established requirements. Before our products hit the shelves, we ensure they exceed not only the standards for natural health products as defined by Health Canada, but those for pharmaceutical products as well. We also partner with regulatory agencies in over 50 countries, and modify our formulas and processes accordingly, to ensure that we deliver locally relevant options. And of course, we meet all domestic and international environmental regulations.

360 Quality is a commitment to safety that you can trust.

Meticulous product formulation and guaranteed potency are essential components of our process. So you can rest assured that our 360 Quality commitment guarantees that every Jamieson product will always perform the way you need it to.

And because knowledge is power, the very first step of our process is to study the latest worldwide nutritional and scientific research, so we get it from the source. Our Jamieson Wellness Scientific Advisory Board includes medical professionals and academics in clinical research and practice in diverse fields, including biological sciences, nutrition and cardiovascular health, to name a few. As a result, our expertise enables us to anticipate your needs at every life stage. We are constantly innovating to create reliable, potent and effective options for you and your family. We’re proud to be your partner on your wellness journey, today and well into the future.


A lot has changed since 1922. In order to continue to provide consumers with the natural health solutions they need, we understand the importance of looking ahead, and leading the evolution of natural health. As a company, our shared Vision, Mission and Values are the guiding principles that ensure we continue to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders – our valued employees, our ingredient suppliers, our retail partners, and, most importantly, the Jamieson consumers who trust us to help them improve their health and wellness.


Our vision to improve the world’s health and wellness.


Grow our trusted brands based on quality and innovation. Over time, combine organic brand growth and future acquisitions to become the world’s most successful and trusted health and wellness Company.


Our values are our guiding principles as to how we want to conduct ourselves and the behaviours we value as an organization.

  • Teamwork
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • External Focus
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